Beautiful dark brown-haired hazel-eyed elf with features that denote southeast Asian decent.


Sasithorn stands at 160cm (5’-3"). She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She has pale almost reflective skin, part from genetics, part from the lack of sunlight she receives. Her facial structure as well as other features clearly show her Thai heritage. She has a face that looks younger then she is, often being confused for someone not even out of high school because of her height. She would be very beautiful if not for her actively trying to hide it. She does not wear makeup, or other accessories. She prefers more utilitarian clothing, often in drab unattractive colors. She kepts her hair fairly short, cutting it herself, often unevenly, that lends her unkept look. She also often hides her pointed ears under her hair, pinning them back if necessary.

Sasithorn has tried to avoid cybernetics. She views them as a corruption of one’s body and spirit. Yet even she understands the need for them. Her lifestyle pretty much requires at the very least the basics in cybernetics. She avoids cybernetic replacements, even if they would allow for her tasks to be more easily completed.

She is a very kind person. Willing to listen to the troubles of others, taking her time to help people. She tries to avoid conflict, prefering to talk her way out of it. If she cannot, then she prefers to escape, but if cornered she will resort to violence, if necessary. She will try to use non-lethal techniques first, then lethal if the threat is deemed to great to subdue. All in all she does not like killing. She keeps a simple diet, rarely spending money on more expensive fair. Her usual meal typically consists of cheap porridge and the few vegatables that she can grow hydroponically in her small apartment. She owns very few clothing, her only possessions consisting of her computers, her few clothing, some protective armor, a gun (for last resort), and her motorcycle.


Sasithorn was born in Thailand. She has learned english quite well, but still retains a barely noticable accent that gives her origin away to some people. She still speaks Thai well enough to hold conversations in it, but does not often go out of her way to speak the language.

Sasithorn has lived in Seatle for roughly the last 15 years. Her early days in the city were hard for her. She eventually built a reputation as a courier. Transporting sensitive packages around the city. She is well known for her disgression, and as far as anyone knows has never given up her clients names, or details about her deliever’s. She has tried to avoid some of the more seedier dealings. She actively has avoided drug dealers, and is known for refusing to take jobs from anyone associated with the drug trade. The only thing that she has shown more contempt towards is human trafficking.


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